Thursday, June 13, 2013

15 weeks

How far along? 15 weeks

Size of baby? a navel orange

How I'm changing? I *think* I'm starting to feel better and get past my nausea. I *think*. I say that hesitantly because I know I was just sick last week and it could strike again... who knows. Still not "showing" yet, but my clothes are tighter. Yay for summer dresses so I don't have to be completely miserable!

Activity level? I have more energy now than I did in the first trimester, hooray! I'm still enjoying my walks around the neighborhood with Blakely, and trying to walk the stairs at work as often as I can get away from my desk. It helps me feel better :)

What I'm eating? Tomatoes have suddenly lost the allure they once had. I wouldn't say they are off my list, but I'm not as obsessed as I was. I'm still into Rice Krispies with a banana, and I've got a new love for COLD anything. Cold dishes are my favorite right now. Oh, and FRUIT. Love some fruit.

What I'm not eating? Broccoli, fish, anything too hot (temperature hot and spicy hot) or anything with a heavy sauce really doesn't sit well with the baby. I'm also not eating anything greasy or fried. This isn't my choice, believe me. I usually love a good ol' grease attack, but it's become obvious to me baby hates it. The stomach ache that follows is just not worth it to me.

How I'm sleeping? Sleeping good still! And having crazy dreams.

Best moment of the week? TODAY is our 4th wedding anniversary. Hubs got me a diamond necklace with baby's due date birthstone (December- blue topaz). I just about cried when he gave it to me this morning. And it doesn't hurt that blue is my favorite color.


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