Friday, June 7, 2013

14 Weeks

How far along? 14 weeks + 1 day

Size of baby? a large lemon (or as Pregnant Chicken says- a yummy frosted cupcake)

How I'm changing? 4 pounds gained. I'm definitely starting to feel the bulge. I'm not committed to any maternity clothes, but my work pants are getting snug. I'm hoping to stretch them out (probably literally) as long as possible and wear dresses over the summer. My mom brought me a few of her flowy dresses to borrow that will cover the bump as it grows.  I've also got a blood hound sense of smell now. I could track a dead body and lead you to the cocaine in 5 minutes flat, I have no doubt.

Activity level? For a long time, I had ZERO energy. Tired and getting sick all the time did not warrant much mobility. Now I've gotten a little bit back and am able to take Blakely for walks around the neighborhood. I also try to walk a few flights of stairs at work every hour or so, just to get my blood flowing (and to wake me up!).

What I'm eating? Gah, ask me this two weeks ago and I'd say anything that will stay down. Now, I'm really into tomatoes (like ate a can of stewed tomatoes by itself, weird), grape popsicles, Rice Krispies cereal with a banana, and feta cheese (pasteurized, of course)

What I'm not eating? Still having a hard time with raw vegetables. I'm beginning to open back up to baby carrots and celery, but broccoli still gives me hives. Also, fish grosses me out right now. Yesterday I got veggie rice for lunch from the cafe at work. I lost all of it by the time I got home, so that is also off the menu now.

How I'm sleeping? WONDERFULLY and OFTEN. Seriously, I fall asleep on the couch every night by 7:30, only to wake up when Hubs goes up to bed, then I'm lights out again until 6:30 am. That's some good snoozin'.

Best moment of the week? Feeling my very first little popcorn flutters Wednesday night! I tried to stay still so Hubs could feel it, but of course they aren't strong enough yet. It is so crazy to feel life inside you! They started on my way home from work when I was jamming out to Michael Jackson. This baby must love the King of Pop as much as I do. OWWWW


Ann @ the Dunaways said...

Looking good, Mama! :)

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