Wednesday, July 3, 2013

18 Weeks

How far along? 18 weeks

Size of baby? sweet potato

How I'm changing? I've officially popped. No hiding it anymore, unless I wear something very baggy. Oddly, my pants are still fitting though. Not really in maternity clothes yet, just wearing dresses almost everyday. I've been hungrier than EVER. I try to eat vegetables and fruit as snacks and throw in cheese and yogurt to fill me up, but sometimes I just need to eat 4 tacos, like last night at dinner.

Activity level? Love my nightly walks with Blakely! It's hard to keep up with her never ending energy, but I am getting much better at it. I pretty much feel like my old self again, which is awesome.

What I'm eating? On a baby carrot and sugar snap pea kick lately, and still addicted to popsicles.

What I'm not eating? Seafood and broccoli

How I'm sleeping? Wonderfully. I'm convinced I'm snoring, but Hubs says I'm not... yet. And my dreams have officially gotten freakin' mega crazy. I've always been a vivid dreamer and remember most of my weirdo thoughts during REM cycles, but now it's wilder than ever. Last night I dreamed I gave myself a c-section so I could meet the baby. She wasn't quite done growing (what being 18 weeks and all, who knew that's too early?) so the doctor suggested I "put her back in". Totally normal when I was dreaming it. Totally disturbing when I think about it today. ODD. For the record, the baby looked just like Hubs.

Best moment of the week? The nursery rug was delivered yesterday! Love it.
And I got all my fabrics ordered and can get to work soon.... If Hubs would finish painting the room first :) Hint hint, daddy-to-be.

I really can't believe I'm almost to the half way mark. Seems like just yesterday I was struggling to brush my teeth without gagging.


Tyler said...

Looking good Ashley!! I had nearly an identical dream as you when I was pregnant, that's so funny!

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