Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So, I've been a little missing-in-action lately due to some other MIA business. Of course, if you are friends with me in "real" life or on Facebook, you already know the MIA I'm referring to is maternity-in-action. More like maternity inaction. More on that in a bit. The Houston House is expanding by one little nugget on or around December 5, 2013. Blakely doesn't know what's coming her way.

So, now you know! I haven't lifted a hand around the house (no cleaning, cooking, painting, projecting, DIY'ing) in a good 2.5 months. I have felt like a giant pile of crap since April. Remember that New Orleans trip we went on and I got the "stomach bug"? Ha, that was full blown morning sickness. Little did I know the next few weeks would be so much fun ;). Of course that's sarcasm. Can you imagine a worse place to be pregnant than New Orleans for the first time? The city known for seafood, which suddenly you are meant to limit your intake on (you know mercury is DEADLY, ha), alcohol, which obviously I wasn't partaking in, and walking/touring/shopping when you feel so tired it's as if you've been drugged? Yes, that was my New Orleans experience. But, it is all worth it in the end! I got to see my pretty friend Flower walk down the aisle, and I'm gonna have a baby at the end of this process. Win-win.

It's funny how creative you have to get when you just gotta get sick in public. And I mean, gotta. Any modesty I thought I had has flown out the window. At work, in garbage cans, driving down the highway, you name it. I've done it. I've puked more in the last few months than Kate Moss. (Sorry, Kate).

I hope to start feeling better soon. I have good days and bad days, but overall I think I'm starting to turn a corner. Here's hoping and fingers crossed! I'm really ready to get back to everything I love about homemaking, decorating, and being awake from the hours of 6:oopm to 10:00pm again. I can't promise the ol' blog won't turn into a pregnancy playbook, but it's my blog. Neener-neener. ;)


Ann @ the Dunaways said...

YAY!! So excited for you on this new journey!! Much love to Baby Houston!!

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