Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Friday

Hello all! It's Friday again! My favorite part of the week is Friday night when I know I have the whole weekend ahead of me. I tend to get depressed on Sunday nights, and my hubby picks on me for it. I've been that way since grade school though- can't get over those Sunday night blues! Anywho, told you it's random Friday and I'm just-a yappin' away 'bout nothing in particular. 

First of all, I found a dresser! I mentioned in my post here I've been on the hunt for literally MONTHS AND MONTHS for the right sized dresser at the right price. I thought I'd found the match a couple weeks ago, until the Craigslister completely flaked out on me and stopped responding. Oddness! In any event, I found one that is newer and better, and get this, CHEAPER! I'm going to pick it up tomorrow... with my husband in tow (stop worrying, Mom). 

Second, I'm loving Bruno Mars lately. I tend to not get into "today's" music.. or what the young folk are listenin' to... but I can't help it with Bruno. I find myself belting his tunes in my car, having my own little American Idol moments. I'm especially liking that song "Talking to the Moon". Talking to the moooo--oooo-oooon.... Stuck in my head for days.

And lastly, how do you like the look of my blog nowadays? It got a major facelift thanks to my friend Melissa. I love my new logos she designed for the blog and for my gallery. What do you think? They are exactly what I had in mind! 

Cheers to the weekend friends! Hope it's a great one! 


Visceral Maze said...

love bruno mars. the dresser is really nice. the layout of your blog is pretty neat and clean. I have not seen the other one.


Ashley @ The Houston House said...


Ann @ the Dunaways 2010 said...

LOVE the new logos!

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