Sunday, February 24, 2013

Typical Sunday

Any given Sunday at the Houston House is one of my favorite times.  Our day starts with an early morning walk with Blakely. So early that even the early-church people aren't out and about yet.  Blakely doesn't know how to sleep in, ever. But, then again we do get to see the pretty sunrise. 

Sundays also mean big breakfasts. I grew up in a house that believe Sundays were for eating, especially a good plate of eggs and steak. We've tried to stay true to that in the Houston House. Hubs will usually grill something while I cook up some eggs and some sort of grits/potatoes/biscuits in the kitchen.  Of course, Blakely is always right there helping.

But, she's also right there begging sometimes, too... This is her please-drop-bacon face.

Breakfast is followed by North Point Community Church, our home away from home. 

And then lots of napping... 

And we usually round out the day gathering with our small group.  Today, I actually got in a DIY project instead of the napping... more on the dresser I saved from the Craigslist ugly files this week in my From Nay to Gray series.... but here's a quick peek.

Hope everyone's having a wonderful Sunday! 


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