Thursday, February 21, 2013

Clearance Designs

If anyone else is like me, you love pretty things but don't really want to pay all the $$$$... or maybe you are like me and would pay the $$$$ but don't have it... or maybe your husband won't let you pay the $$$$... or maybe your Pottery Barn card is maxed out and the government is hunting you down... I know nothing...

Whatever the case, I am sure everyone can agree that bargains are sometimes hard to come by but always welcomed. I always get so inspired by the show High Low Project with Sabrina Soto. I love that she is constantly proving great design doesn't have to cost a fortune. You don't have to sacrifice your dreams of a beautiful home... or have a beautiful home plus a delinquent mortgage payment. You get the idea.

I know I've talked about a lot, so I think I'll just continue on my love fest with them and share some clearance fabrics, yes CLEARANCE, with you today and how I'd use them in a space.

Kitchen Clearance Design

Top: Temp Duney in Citron and Grey, use for roman shades
Bottom: For Your Home Stripes in Citron and Grey, use to upholster chair seats or banquette seating

Dining Room Clearance Design

Clockwise: Waverly Williamsburg Draper Dots in Pebble, use for side chairs; Kalita Paisley Floral in Marigold, use for end chairs; Richloom Window Sheers Modern in Pebble, use for sheer curtains (and I'd also use bamboo shades or wood blinds for added privacy)

Little Girls Room Clearance Design

Clockwise: Waverly Optical Delights in Jazzbery, use for 12x25 bolster pillow on bed and upholstered toy chest; Waverly Modern Essentials Glamour in Lime, use for solid drapes and euro shams; Waverly Williamsburg Draper Dots in Green Tea, use for (2) 20x20 throw pillows on bed and for a 5" border on the solid drapes (done in the solid green fabric).... pair it all with crisp white bedding

Living Room Clearance Design

Top: Swavelle Mill Creek Saraseno in Waterfall Blue, use on 2 throw pillows for couch, and an upholstered chair or two
Bottom clockwise: Carver Animal Print in Butterscotch, use on one throw pillow; Ticking Stripe Black & Natural, use on upholstered ottoman and drapes; Ranger Cotton Twill in Chocolate, use on throw pillow for couch and boudoir pillows in upholstered chairs

And now that you have money leftover, you can save your marriage, pay off that credit card debt, and avoid a home foreclosure. =) Any great bargains you've seen lately? 


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