Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My First Stripes!

Last night the wall in my half bath was staring at me and all but asking me to draw lines all over it, so I did.  Honestly, when I get an idea in my head I won't stop thinking about it until I just do it.  These were my first stripes so they aren't blemish free, but I didn't find stripe-painting to be all that difficult.  I first measured the wall, which was 91" from ceiling to trim.  I wanted my stripes to be about 5" thick, so that left me with roughly 18 stripes to do.  The math didn't work out to be exact, so the last three stripes I just made a little tiny bit wider than the rest.  You can't even tell unless you get up to the wall with a ruler, which I think most people have other business to attend to in this room than making sure my stripes are perfect. ;)  I used a level ruler and started drawing my lines every 5" up the wall until all the lines were drawn.  Then came paint.  I didn't tape off anything because I never use painter's tape, ever.  It's a waste of time in my opinion (aka I'm lazy!).  Having said that, I have some areas that need a touch-up.  This project took about an hour to complete start to finish.  I can't believe I was too chicken to try this sooner.  It really isn't that hard, y'all! 

Before Stripes

The main wall color is Behr Elephant Skin, and I used Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray for the accent stripes.  Mainly because I had a sample can in the bathroom cabinet.  I'm glad the colors ended up working together, haha.   iPhone pics:

stripes in progress 

stripes complete

a view from the hall

I like them a lot!  Stripes are almost as addicting as black doors.  Almost.  Next up in this room is to run crown molding.  TBC......... We've come a long way from these days when we first moved in.


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