Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Projects

I had five whole days off work recently, and it was nothing short of magical.  With all that time off, I got so many things accomplished around our house!  It's crazy what TIME can give you.

hubby hung the new Bellesol Mirror I scored from the Ballard outlet at 50% off!

And I finally painted stripes in our bedroom and moved the furniture in front of the windows.  The furniture got moved all while hubs was showering and getting ready for his day.  Let's just say he was very shocked.  I'm not sure if he was more shocked that the room was in a completely different arrangement, or that I had moved it all by myself (the 9x12 rug, the kind sized bed, the dressers, everything). Ha. It makes the room feel twice as big! I love it. Then on another day, I told hubs I wanted to paint big ol' fat stripes in our room.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  Then I told him I only wanted to do it on one wall, which made him look at me like I was a stranger in his home.  HA!

The stripes are Sherwin Williams functional gray and Behr Classic Silver, because that's the paint I had on hand.   In my head I was thinking more of a dark charcoal to go with the silver, but I like the way the functional gray turned out.  It's more of a taupe beige gray, but I think it works ok.  I also scored 4 big 18x18 frames on clearance at Pottery Barn.  These are the Carolina frames in gilded gold.  The only catch- they didn't have mats that came with them.  Who has 18x18 photographs laying around?  I can tell you the girl that doesn't even own a real camera certainly does not.  So, I had to get creative and figure out how to make my own mat.  A few hours with Hobby Lobby 30x40 mat boards, my exacto knife, and a ruler... NOT EASY, but it's over now.  Thank God.  The first time I've hung anything in our room! A little less dorm room feeling now.  Hooray! 

There's a lot I still want to do in this room before I can say it's "finished", but I'll have to wait for a few more days off work.  A to do list so I can look back on this blog and maybe actually get them done?


-Paint nightstands gray and distress them

- add mercury glass hardware to nightstands

-get horizontal dresser and paint gray and distress

-hang Ballard mirrors over horizontal dresser 

-move leaning Ikea floor mirror from living room to bedroom

-make pillows for Joss & Main chairs

-put striped bedskirt on bed

-finish up the nailhead headboard and install  

Between working on our room, taking care of our puppy, and just trying to relax and enjoy my days off, I didn't even get around to Christmas decor.  Maybe next weekend.  Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!


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