Friday, August 10, 2012

Updates from the iPhone

Master bedroom....... so far..... in progress.... and from my phone (did I mention I don't own A camera, let alone a nice one?).  That's all the time I have today!

                    Bedding  ala ebay, and pillows from Etsy shop Chic Decor Pillows (and I'm still working on putting together the DIY headboard)

OK, broke down and bought the Joss&Main chair...

OK, so I actually bought two.. (and excuse the mess).  I would love to get a cute horizontal dresser (bamboo design maybe?) and move this big boy antique to a guest room.

Overstock curtains

Swatches- striped fabric for pillow and bedskirt, solid linen for headboard

Lamps Plus mercury  lamps! 

And little wooden knob.. I've got my eye on you.. And you will likely be changed out to something a bit blingier (yes, new word to add to the dictionary.  meaning: in a state of enhanced bling)

And still to come- matching nightstand, complete the DIY headboard, art, framed wedding pictures...etc,etc. 

And that's how you complete a blog post in 2 minutes or less....... 


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