Monday, August 13, 2012

Playroom Mural

This past weekend I spent some time at my brother and sister-in-law's house doing a huge mural for my niece Grayson and my niece Lily.   My SIL was brave enough to just let me do whatever because she trusted me.  Ha ha no pressure!  I'm so glad she liked it and the girls like it, too. :)  Grayson kept pointing and saying "bu by", which in Gray world is butterfly.  She also said things like "ohhh", "fowers", and "la-bug". Lily isn't quite saying anything yet (y'all she was just born, give her at least to September), but I think she likes it, too.  Here's a few quick pics I snapped on my phone (did I mention I don't have a camera? hint hint hubs- who I am pretty sure never reads this blog!).

I hope the girls enjoy it for many years to come and know that their Aunt Ash loves them so much!  =)


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