Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stair It Up Little Darlin'.. and... BACK in BLACK

O-oh! Little darlin'... one more time... stair it up! Check out the new darling little light that now lives in our stairway! Thanks to my handy hubby for replacing the old worn out 80's browny browns stained glass lovely fixture (that was filled with um... dust.. and... well... we won't go there, just note it was nasty).  I didn't do it justice by taking a picture, so you'll just have to trust me when I say that muddy orange badness of a light had to go (even if it did take us 10 months to replace since the time we moved in).

And cue the angels singing... Aaaahh!

(note to self- paint the wall where the old fixture was.. ehh.. I'll get to that)

I finished painting the hall upstairs and the doors black, too.  So glad I went ahead and did all the doors black.  I think I've now officially painted every square inch of our home.  Ha!  All part of making an old house your own though.  Which is a lot of the fun in moving and what they call "nesting".  Just another excuse for women to decorate right?

And now of course I'm dreaming of some cute little patterned runner for the hallway.  Any of these Pinterest numbers would do...
                                                                        West Elm

Pinterest finds

And guess who else is gonna be back in black?  These boys. 



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