Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fabric Love

I've been swooning over Robert for a long time.  No worries, I'm referring to RA, as in Robert Allen.  This line of fabric is to die for.  Some of my favorites that I've incorporated in my own house:

Cats Cradle in amber

Silly String in bisque

Recently I discovered the new line called "Naturals".  Can I please find a way to use every last member of this heaven sent group?  No, probably not.  And the wallet says no, definitely  not.  But! But.  I did find one that I'm crazy about, for whatever reason.  Ordinarily I would say this pattern is WAY too busy and stir crazy for my taste, but I think in the right amount it could be absolutely stunning.  Maybe for an entryway bench or something of that sort?

Robert Allen New Direction in black

I cannot believe fabric makes me giddy these days.  Grown up toys.  And I really hope someone uses this fabric and all of its glory.  I would pin that.


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