Friday, February 3, 2012

If These Walls Could Talk

Ever wonder what your house says about you?  The collectibles, the furniture, the art, the amount of accessories or lack thereof, color coordination, paint colors, they all talk.  And some talk big.  Is your house casual or formal?  Does it offer privacy for its guests?  Is it welcoming?  Is it bright and sunny or dark and sleek?  It is funny how much you can learn about a person just by walking through their home.  For instance, check out some of these celebrity homes.  To me, they totally look like the owner. 

Kim Kardashian's:

Doesn't this just look like her?  From the clothes she fashions to the makeup she wears, her house is a glamorous neutral palette just like her.

Jennifer Aniston's:

This house is funky and cool to me.  Check out all of those windows! Wow.  Not much decorating needed with a landscape like that.  I can picture her hosting guests and throwing casual pool parties.  The house is so zen-ful.  I bet she'll be doing lots of her yoga and pilates here. The house itself is simply decorated with all the minimalist furnishings and decor inside the house, it really takes your attention to the amazing views it offers.  This definitely is like Aniston to me, you won't catch her piling on the makeup.  She is so naturally gorgeous, just like her home's views.

Paula Deen's:

As southern and low country as it gets, y'all!  And she has an all star kitchen, obviously fit for a chef.  Her house happens to be my dream home, with all its coastal and southern charm.  Plus, her view of the river is amazing.  Oh, to dream. 

Sarah Richardson's Summer House:

If you watch Design, Inc. then you know Sarah loves to layer pattern, and loves light and fresh colors.  Her summer home is no exception.  From the whitewashed walls, to the mix of patterns and fabrics in her living room and porch, to her painted cabinets in the kitchen (Benjamin Moore gray cashmere and Benjamin Moore november rain if you are wondering), it is so Sarah.  Everything coordinates, there's a touch of bling (that back splash! that hardware!), a touch of whimsy (exposed re-purposed wood paneling on the island), and it all comes together to make for a very cheerful environment.  Her design really goes well with the home's natural setting.  Sarah, you just rock.

All this got me thinking, what does my house say about me?  As I was looking around, I noticed a trend.  All roads point to South Carolina.  Seriously.  If you walked through my house, you would immediately realize a) I'm from SC, or b) I have a weird fascination with SC that may require medication, or c) a little of both.  What can I say, all of the above.  I'm not the only one though.  Us Carolinians are very proud of our heritage.  We display it promptly, too.  On our shirts, bumper stickers, jewelry, flags, artwork, and just about anywhere else we can think of- there it is- the palmetto & crescent moon.  (GA has a ton of people who choose to vaca in SC rather than GA.  Cracks me up a bit.)

My SC House:


The driver's license may say GA, but I'll forever and always be a South Carolina girl.  And hopefully that means my home is inviting, friendly, and a place guests feel welcome, in keeping with SC's hospitality. 

So, do your walls talk? What does your home say about you?


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