Friday, January 13, 2012


Because I haven't had a fireplace, and therefore no mantel, since I left my parents' house in 2002, having one now is pretty awesome.  That may sound silly, but I love fireplaces.  They are so inviting, so warm, and best of all, you can change the mantel decor for every season with a few simple accessories.  Who doesn't like to accessorize?

We haven't done a thing with our fireplace since we moved in really.  We switched out the sconces above the fireplace (well, I say we, my dad and the hubby did). That's the only real change we have made.  Our fireplace is rather large.  I guess they made them that way in the 80's?  Maybe it was to match the hairstyles??

                                               Thanks for the visual, Cyndi...

Ok, back to mantels.  Our mantel is roughly 60" wide, and it is taller than me.  That doesn't say a whole lot because I'm a shorty, but still, it's a big ol' fireplace, and as such it is the focal point of that room.  Right now it's brick and wood.  But, I see it's true colors... shining through.  I know this fireplace can be so much more beautiful than it currently is.  It'll just take a little elbow grease to let them show, true colors are beautiful. (I guess it's a Cyndi Lauper kinda day.  The more I think about it, Cyndi has a few things in common with fireplaces.  Both demand attention.  I mean really, fireplaces are usually the focal point in a room, and you really can't help but stare at Cyndi and her clothes/hair/makeup.   And both are everchanging.  When a fire is blazing, the logs are constantly cracking and rolling, the flames are always different.  Cyndi's look is constantly changing, too- blondie, to red, to brown, to pink, and back to blonde. And finally, both- gas fireplaces at least- made their way into millions of homes in the 1980's.)

So, in starting any kind of project, I have idea boards and inspiration photos.  Yes, I like to copy cat.  My favorite mantels usually have a layering effect of pictures/artwork/vases/lanterns/etc. 
                                             My own little doo-da sketch idea:

Art inspiration to lean over mantel:

Pinned Image
                                            And love these beauties on Pinterest:

Oops, dang Cyndi, I don't know how you snuck in there.  But, those layers are not exactly what I'm talking about.... but thanks anyways, ol' gal.  The layers I'm wanting would consist of pottery/lantern/painting.  I've got the woodwork-gone-white project underway in the Pinnochio Room right now, and when that is finished I want a few of these things for the mantel.  And I recently bought my first layer.  I've been sitting on a Pottery Barn Rewards buck for nearly 2 months.  TWO MONTHS.  That's absurd.  I don't know how I made it that long.  But, two days ago, I used the rewards and cashed in on what is sure to be (like the Goonies) goooood enoooough for me... yeaa yeaa yea yea!

                            The Pottery Barn Medium Tuscan Double Handled Urn:

(image from Pottery Barn)

I've been drooling over this for some time now.  It's been in the magazine over a year, at least.  I just love that it looks rustic and can work in any season:

(all images from Pottery Barn)

Actually, that last picture is a different planter from PB, but same style.  You get the point.  Can't wait for this to come in.  I'm sure it'll make me look and adore my mantel time after time... time after time... a Cyndi-esque seductive whisper now...... **{time after time}**.


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