Wednesday, January 11, 2012

House-related Goals 2012

They say you get the most done if you make yourself a to-do list... so I guess that is a good place for me to start.  I'm constantly getting ideas for our house, and it makes me anxious.  I figured a nice little compact list would be an easy check-in for me this year, and keeping my eye on the goals I've set, and the goals already accomplished. 

We have done a ton of work to this home already since we moved in.  Maybe a recap of the work that's been done is in order, so I feel less dazed and a little less overwhelmed. 

2011 Accomplishments:

  • Painted the kitchen (Behr Silver Sage), hallway /foyer/dining room (BM Coastal Path), office (Behr Moroccan Henna), half bath (Behr Silver Sage, and master bedroom (BM Jute). 
  • Hung new light fixtures in kitchen ( Hundi Lantern and track light), dining room (spray painted brass chandelier), and living room (PB Rustic Glass Sconces). 
  • Painted doors black (BM Wrought Iron).
  • Painted trim creamy white in office (Behr color match- almost positive it was matched to BM Windswept by previous owners).
  • Had the carpet professionally cleaned and sanitized (if you are thinking about it- so worth the money!).
  • Furnished living room, dining room, home office (minus a desk). 
  • Hung pictures.
  • Hung drapes in dining room, living room, office.
  • Changed all door locks (thanks Dad and Kwikset). 


2012 Goals (in order of importance to me) and Pinterest inspiration photos:

  • Paint the woodwork in the living room, and maybe even give myself some black window trim to match those black doors (yes, still working on that...). 
   Pinned Image      Pinned Image       Pinned Image
  • Buy a desk so hubs can actually work in the office.
  • Paint the guest bedrooms, baths, and hall (studio room- Behr Plateau, guest room- BM Jute, guest room- Behr Plateau, hallway- BM Coastal Path, master bath- BM Jute, hall bath- BM Coastal Path).
  • Hang drapes upstairs.
  • Plant flowers at mailbox, address landscaping in front yard.
  • DIY headboard.
           Pinned Image
  • Get pictures on the walls upstairs.
  • Hang a track light in the upstairs hallway.
               Pinned Image
  • Hang beadboard on the kitchen ceiling. 
             Pinned Image  Pinned Image
  • and I only list this one last because I'm scared of the work involved... paint the ceilings. (Foyer/Dining Room/Office Ceiling- BM Coastal Path, Living Room Ceiling- Behr Pensive Sky, Master Bed/Bath- Jute, upstairs hallway- BM Coastal Path, guest room- Behr Pensive Sky).  see... that's a lot of work.  I'm kidding myself aren't I?
Pinned ImagePinned ImagePinned ImagePinned Image Pinned ImagePinned Image
If there is anything I've learned from my "aunt" Bonnie and HGTV, it's don't forget your ceilings! I'm minorly obsessed with ceilings anyways, and with all the awesome things you can do with them.  Whether it be color, stencil, wallpaper (yes, on the ceilng! go check out Sarah Richardson...), moldings, etc... ceilings are pretty darn cool.  It is really sad most houses forget about the ceilings (including my own).  They need some lovin', too.  Maybe I've talked myself into it now... maybe.  I've got a little less than 12 months right...


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