Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let's See What's on Etsy

With my tried and true love for all things Pottery Barn, sometimes I forget about the crafters and artisans of the world.  I don't know how I could forget about my fellow Etsy crafters, since I happen to be one (although I must admit I sell 95% of my artwork through Facebook), but I do.  Well, recently I told myself let's see what's for sale.  I think the reason I don't shop Etsy all that often is that it is completely overwhelming.  There are just too many things to look at, I get overstimulated.  But, lately I've developed a new patience for it.  I don't know, a resolution for the new year or something.  I've discovered some really great finds.  Here's what I'm lovin' on Etsy right now:

From the Shop English Transferware:
Antique 1890's Teal Transferware Dual Handled Large Sugar Bowl or Tea Caddy Maddock Bombay Roses Scrolls Flowers Ships
Circa 1891 Teal Transferware Teacup and Saucer Adams Staffordshire Fairy Villas
Antique Teal Transfer Ware Plate Victorian Shabby Roses and Tiny Flowers
Everything in the teal transferware collection.  I LOVE colorful dishes.  They are so much fun, and I love how they make a china cabinet look.  One of the homes in the Virginia Highland tour of homes we went to this year had a display of brown, teal, and white transferware in several different patterns.  I just wish I had a picture to share; it was amazing. But, here's a little diddy from Pinterest:

Large Jar of Chartreuse and Turquoise
Single White on White Bud Vase
Love her vases and jars! She makes hand made pottery in fun whimsical colors and patterns.  I think the celadon and blue jar, and the white on white bulb vases shown above are adorable.

From the shop OldNewAgain:
South Carolina - handmade wood key hooks country Seafoam Green
If you like things shabby-chic, rustic, cottage, beach- you will LOVE this shop.  They do all sorts of woodworkings- letters, signs, etc.  But, hands down my favorite item from OldNewAgain are the key hook states like the one shown above.  I purchased the SC key hook in the color shown, it is so freaking cute I can't hardly stand it.  The shop will do any state, and has a range of colors you can choose from.  I don't know, maybe it is an SC thing to be totally obsessed with your state, but I proudly display this piece in my foyer!

From the shop NeoClassical Maps:
Charleston & Environs, S.C. 12x16
NeoClassical maps has wonderful prints of original ink and watercolor maps by Howard Handlen.  Maps from all over the world, but of course I chose the Charleston map to display in my own home.  Love it. Super quality, and best of all- crazy fast shipping, and everything is under $40!

And of course, you already know about my love for the shop Chic Decor Pillows from this post.  So, let's see what you've found lately on Etsy.


Julie said...

OMG where can I put that SC hook in my house. It's totally an SC thing, but I think our state is the cutest!

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