Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Want Chocolate!

Well, not the chocolate you are thinking of (although I do love dark, white, and milk chocolate, nuts or no nuts, it don't matta).  Chocolate labs!  Oh my goodness, today I'm sporting a smile that's ear to ear.  Hubs and I have been tossing around the idea of having a child (aka a puppy) ever since we moved into the house. Between moving, getting settled, and the busy holiday season, we didn't make it a priority. Well, it's like the universe sent us signs yesterday.  Yesterday, of all days, we had BOTH looked at the classified ads (we don't want an expensive show dog, just a buddy! He'll be show dog quality to us).  I sent the hubs emails with a few links, and he immediately called me to say I wouldn't believe it, but that he had been searching that day, too.  What a coinkydink. Well, this got the ball rolling.  We are going to see the pups on Saturday! Ahh, I'm dying of excitement!

The breeder has two chocolate males left.  We definitely want a male.  We definitely want a chocolate.  And we definitely cannot wait.  Hubs is picturing a lot of hunt dead, retrieve, flush, and point.  I'm picturing a lot of kisses, hugs, and cute paw prints.  Oh, and fashion shows (like Wyatt the Golden... right Meredith?). 

We'll meet the cute fellas on Saturday, and the pups are ready to go home in March.   It's not that far away, I just hope I'm able to sleep!  =)


Beverly said...

How exciting. Kennel train the pup. It will help keep your nice PB couch and furniture from being shifted to the man cave. I will email you pictures of my chocolate mix named Kahlua and my sons names Burton. Burton has the prettiest face. Good luck, take pictures.

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