Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Family

The birth of my newest little cousin, Addison, made me think I should post something about my mom's side of the fam (congrats to Christy and Josh on baby #4!).  This could be a long post considering my mom's side is gigantic.  My cousins and I always laugh when people say how big their families are.  Not because it is funny, but because we can relate, and probably our family supersedes most in the numbers category. 

I guess I should start with a rundown of original members.  Mee and Dee as we call them (Meemaw and Deedaw, my grandparents).  Six babies later, Eddie, Diane, Nancy, Judy, Cindy, Paula. 

(if only this pic were better quality, hahahahaha)

(missing Eddie from the pic)

And so began the Watts family, and so too would begin the exponential growth.  (Hubs refers to light bulbs as "Thanksgiving", because there are usually 60 Watts).  So from there, you have 8.  And then the Watts get married, and so begins the first stage of cousins.  Then those cousins get married, and now we have first-cousins plus spouses.  26 first-cousins plus spouses.  Yes, 26.  That's only cousins, y'all. Ridiculous and awesome all at once.  Love it, and wouldn't change my blessings for the world. 

(some of the cousins at Betsy's wedding)

And from there, my first-cousins are now having babies! The next wave has begun.  And let me tell you, my family doesn't just have kids.  They have armies.  Complete litters. Not so much the chocolate/yellow mix, but moreso brunette/blonde.  And boy, they are cute. Maybe there's something funky in that Savannah tap water. Hubs and I hope for 2 one day, but that number may be frowned upon, haha.  Five of my cousins are expecting this year (well, Christy had herself a little girl!), and my sis-in-law is pregnant.  They are all due ranging from February to June.  That's 6 new babies this year alone!! Can't even imagine what Thanksgiving will be like this year.  By the time all these babies are born, I'll have 20 second-cousins, 26 first-cousins plus spouses, 5 aunts, 5 uncles, 1 great aunt and uncle, Mee & Dee, a mom, a dad, a brother, a sis-in-law, 1 niece plus a niece or nephew (they find out soon!), and a hubs (at least I think those numbers are right- I seriously see how Kevin was left at Home Alone).  What is that total number (66?)?  I'm not even sure.  But I am sure of this: I have so very much to be thankful for.

(Cousins- Thanksgiving 2011, missing 11 cousins who were giving thanks elsewhere)

Hubs is totally right, 60 Watts for sure, but with all these babies, that lightbulb has to be changed out to a higher Wattage.


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