Wednesday, January 9, 2019

End of 2018!

Thanksgiving, a Savannah wedding, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day felt like one big flash. And here we are in 2019. How does that happen so quickly? Every year it feels faster and faster. I hate that. Time keeps on slipping, slipping...

We did our annual trip to Bluffton for Thanksgiving to see my family. It's always a fun day filled with too much food! We were missing a few this year, but the kids all had a ball. Thanksgiving will always be my favorite holiday. So many great memories with my mom's side of the family. We have always done turkey day with them as far back as I can remember. It used to be that we all spent the night at my aunt and uncle's in Hilton Head. There would be sleeping bags EVERYWHERE considering there are so many of us. It was always a blast! Now all of us first-cousins have our own kids and the second wave has begun. :)

All the cousins

My mom, her siblings and Meemaw & Deedaw (my grandparents)

with spouses :) 

Envelope time! (each year my grandparents give the grandkids envelopes stuffed with $20) 

Dma and Mae Mae playing outside 

Enjoying the sunshine! Evans and Arabella playing outside. 

My mom and Aunt Cindy doing the dishes :)

Food time

They didn't plan it. 

Mandar & Ashlar

Luis & Harrison

Evans & Mae Mae opening their envelopes 

Fast forward to December, we went to Savannah for my friend Mary Sue's wedding. Her daughter, Emma, and my oldest, Evans, were in preschool together when we lived in Savannah. From the time they were babies (I think Emma had just turned 1 and Evans was 10 months) until we moved to SC when Evans was 3. BEST FRIENDS. It is so great to watch their little friendships develop and grow. They are kindred spirits. We took Evans to the wedding with us so that she and Emma could see each other. Oh my goodness, heart so full! We also celebrated Evans's 5th birthday while in Savannah. Mermaid cake, of course. I also had mermaid cookies made for her class. If you are local- The Southern Gourmet all the way!

Over Christmas break, Hubby had surgery to repair a hernia. He was laid up in bed for a week but now is more mobile thankfully. He can't lift anything for 6 weeks (3 more weeks to go), including the kiddos. Not ideal but totally manageable. Can't wait til he is back to his normal self though! I'm tired of taking the trash out. HAHAHA.

Also over Christmas break, the girls had RSV. UGh. Evans bounced back fast but MC was sick for a week with a fever. Boo. She felt a little bit better on Christmas day so we went to my mom's Christmas lunch. She was not her normal jovial self but didn't have the fever anymore, so we made the most of it. Lunch was delicious! Hubby's bbq buddy had sent us a brisket so we heated that up and it was to die. I made mac and cheese, and the family brought the rest of the sides, desserts, etc.
A fun and filling day!

We celebrated Christmas a week later at our house with Hubby's family. Overnight french toast, blueberry sausage balls, bacon, eggs, grits yummy!

For New Year's Eve, we went to a friends house for dinner, drinks, and games. We were home by 1AM but I'm very proud of myself for actually staying awake for the ball drop. That's out of the norm for me :)

I hope 2019 is off to a great start for everyone! Happy New Year!


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