Monday, July 16, 2018

Happy Anniversary!

Cheers to NINE years! (a month ago)

For our anniversary this year, we went to Cola's for dinner. We hadn't been there yet and had been wanting to try it out since so many people raved about the place. And they were right, it's so so good! The service was great, too. We got a table next to the windows overlooking Assembly St. We ate way too much, but I regret none of it. HA!

After dinner we went to the Lace House (where we got married) for a stroll (and to walk off some of that food). We hadn't been back through the gardens in years. It is still just as pretty as ever. It was fun to reminisce that day. Especially since this time it was not one-thousand degrees in full sun :)

I am thankful for a husband that works hard for his family and is always wanting what's best for us. I'm also thankful for his fried egg sandwiches, his cheeseburgers, his BBQ, his steaks... the list goes on and on. Ladies, marry a man that knows his way around the kitchen because then you'll never have to. HA!

He drives me crazy, but I'd be crazy without him :) I'd marry him all over again. Even if he does wear that tiger orange.


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