Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas Living & Dining Room

Wow, another month has come and gone and no blogging! I'm so busy between the kids and work these days I can't keep up. Thought I would share some updates around the main floor and some Christmas, too.

My green chairs finally came back, and I love them so much!!!! I had them done in a gray/taupe herringbone fabric. Old is new again. I also hung the curtains I made. I haven't lined them yet because I was hoping to get away with not having to as this is a heavier linen fabric. But it looks like I'll have to line them after all. Love how they finish this room. Two more to make!

Also purchased a small wingback chair. I saw this at TJ Maxx a while ago and it sold fast. Then I found it online. Woot.

Forgot to mention you made need sunglasses for this post. This room and all the windows, I have no clue how to photograph!

These stools from Birch Lane might be my favorite find to date. Love the texture they add to this room!

We had to play a little musical furniture to make the Christmas tree fit in the right spot. Once Christmas is over, the wingback will move around as will the two gray chairs.

The fern is fake, because I kill them all. ALL OF THEM. No green thumb here. I've got to find a little pot for the plant stand. (The odd things you lose in a house move?!)

My dad made us this storage cabinet. I use it for all my work samples/ tools/ etc. He's so talented. 

Still on the hunt for the right round upholstered ottoman. On the hunt for the money, too. HA!

I put a tree in the dining room this year. The girls think this is so awesome.  Ha. Christmas with kids is so much fun. I think the tree adds something purdy in the formal dining room (where we actually always eat, hence the booster seats...).

I love this time of year. Evans's Christmas play is this Friday, and her birthday is next week. Followed by family time and CHRISTMAS. Crazy. It'll be here soon.


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