Monday, November 6, 2017

Catching Up

Catch up time! In the last month, we celebrated FALL weather, got ready for Halloween, went trick or treating, went to the fair, celebrated TWO birthdays, shoo.

Family came in town for the state fair. It was so much fun! The kids wore themselves out and giggled all weekend. Too cute. I remember going to the state fair with cousins as a kid, and now our kids are doing the same. Such special memories!!!

Trick or treating with neighbors. Evans wanted to be Wonder Woman this year, and she picked out Mae Caroline's bat girl costume as well. They lasted until about 7:30 out and about, and then crashed immediately at home. HA! 

For Hubs birthday, we ended up buying a golf cart. We'd been looking for a long time (even when we were living in Savannah we considered buying one). It just makes sense in the neighborhood we live in now. We've used it every single day. The girls love it! 

We enjoyed some nicer weather, too! My birthday weekend it was highs in the 80s. Boom! I love fall weather (not so much winter) but little surprises like that are always welcome. Especially when you can enjoy Lake Murray in November!

I don't like a lot of fuss for my birthday (I'm weird like that I guess!) . I told Hubs I just wanted a little break from the kids (as much as I love their sticky little fingers and cute boogie faces). 
He arranged for my parents to watch them all day and night Saturday. WOO! We watched football most of the day and stayed at a hotel. It was amazing! I didn't feel like I had to be doing any kind of house work all day. Woohoo. 

Thank you, Hubs! And thank you D ma and Papa! Can't do any of this without y'alls constant support. Takes a VILLAGE.

The girls are still loving school and seem to be learning new things every week. Evans can now write her letters A through F and recognizes her written name. Mae Caroline is now saying more words and understanding more at home. Hooray! 

Work for me has really picked up recently, which is such a blessing!!! I've met with 4 new clients in the month of October. Thank you for every past client and all my friends that have recommended me to others. Your word is everything! I look forward to many fun projects ahead. 

Happy November! Before we know it, Christmas will be here. Wowzers.


Marsha Splenderosa said...

You guys look SO happy !!!!

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