Monday, January 2, 2017

Thanksgiving, Birthday, AKA Catching Up

Thanksgiving..... finally getting around to catching up on the end of the year. We had a hard Thanksgiving this year with the sudden passing of a close friend. The girls spent time in Savannah with my family. We were in Fort Mill most of that week. My parents brought the girls up from Savannah to Columbia to meet us halfway and we stayed the weekend of Clemson/Carolina in Columbia. We took Evans to Riverbanks Zoo and she had so much fun! She's finally at an age to appreciate that sort of thing. Before she would just kind of stroll and not pay much attention to the animals. This time she loved it and even fed the farm animals (BIG step for her!). Her favorite part was the sea lion exhibit, of course. It's pretty awesome!

A week later, I invited over Evans's classmates for her 3rd birthday. It was so last minute as we'd been out of town and Hubs was traveling. I figured not many would come but it would be fun for Evans, and it was! I put invites in the classroom cubbies on Wednesday and the party was Saturday, ha. Maybe next year we'll plan it out a little bit better! Her closest little buddies did come and she had a great time. We had hula hoops, bubbles, shovels, Chick-fil-A, balloons and cake. What could be better to a 3 year old? It was a cold day, but the kids didn't care!

Later that night, we had an impromptu oyster roast with neighbors and friends. We were exhausted by the end of that day! But it sure was fun. The kids had a blast playing and stayed up way past bedtime. 

On Evans's actual birthday, I brought cupcakes to her class. Cutie pies!

Emma is her BFF, and she'll tell you so. 

Her other BFF, Ellie :)

And her boyfriend, Hunter :)

Can't believe she's already THREE!!!!! Tear. 


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