Friday, October 14, 2016

One Room Challenge :: Week TWO

A day late......

So, not much in the way of progress over the last week! Hurricane Matthew came through and wrecked the low country. Our neighborhood was hit pretty hard. Fortunately, our house didn't have any damage. We did have a few trees fall, but by the grace of God they landed in the yard and on the back fence. We were very fortunate this time around. The community has pulled together to help each other out though, including free coffee stations :)

Tons of trees lost on Isle of Hope :(

Power trucks lining the streets to restore power! 

Although there wasn't much in the way of physical progress, we do already have our outdoor furniture selected (and some of it purchased). 

Martha Stewart Lake Adela 6 piece set 

RST 9 piece dining set

So, I really have nothing else to share this week, oops! Hopefully by next week we'll have some progress. We just got power back yesterday, so here's hoping life is back to normal very soon!

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