Friday, October 28, 2016

8 Months

Kelli Boyd Photography

You little stinker. You somehow turned into a busy monkey over night. 8 months! How can that be? This year isn't slowing down, but rather speeding up. You love to crawl anywhere and everywhere. You love your jumper and your walker, new faces, and being on the go. 

Daddy tries to say you are his tiger baby. We'll see. 

Mid sneeze :) 

You are obsessed with Papa, just like Evans.

Speaking of Evans, she is the funniest person alive to you. 

You love to be with family, especially all of your cousins.

Your favorite place is outside!

You are getting chunkier. Wearing 12-18 months and some 18 months now. Size 3 diapers. Two teeth. Sleeping great! You don't sleep well at daycare, but it hasn't interrupted your night sleep so far. Shoo! 

You take 2 or 3 naps for me at home. When it's just 2 naps, you are ready for bed by 6! With 3 naps, you usually are down about 7. 

Happy 8 months! 

Kelli Boyd Photography


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