Friday, September 16, 2016

6 Months

Mae Caroline is 6.5 months old! These posts keep creeping up on me, gosh. At her appointment a couple weeks ago, she was 27 inches, 16 pounds 10 oz and CUTE. :) She got her 6 month shots and her flu shot and handled them all like a champ. Good job, MC. 

It's been a fun month. We celebrated Meemaw's birthday, and Big Sister ate lots of Meemaw's birthday cake...

We traveled to Beaufort to see Aunt Lauren and her new house. 

We hung out with your bestie Emma Reese. 

We got to see lots of Papa and Dma.

And plenty of play time and loving with Evans, who continues to make you smile BIG, BIG, BIG... although at times you have a worried look on your face when Evans gets really loud :)

You love to be on the go. You've started to become a very busy little girl. Always trying to get into stuff and explore new things. 

You are getting super chunky, and that's just fine. 

You LOVE to play on the floor and practice your crawling. You've ALMOST got it. Although, your favorite trick right now is the pencil roll. Over and over and over. All around the floor. 

Your schedule hasn't changed. You rock in the sleep department! You are still a great eater and have taken to sweet potatoes. Nom nom nom. 

You also have TWO teeth now! The two bottom teeth came in and you are constantly feeling them with your hands. Teething hasn't give you any trouble thus far (knock on wood). 

Happy 6 months, Mae Caroline! Love you so! 


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