Friday, August 5, 2016

Five Months

Mae Caroline is five months old (plus one week and a couple days). Where is the time going? MC, you continue to be the SWEETEST and most content baby I have ever seen. THANK YOU for that!

You are just so happy watching what's going on around you, especially watching your big sister do her thing. She makes you laugh HARD. The sweet belly laugh giggles that make me want to eat you up! Evans loves to make you giggle, too. She makes silly faces, dances around you, and tickles your feet (or "tickle ya peet, sista" as she says).

You have finally mastered rolling from belly to back, but you prefer to play on your back still. You still sleep on your back, too. You have recently started sucking your thumb! Always the left thumb. You are so cute doing so and remind me so much of Evans at your age. SWEET, SWEET.

You are starting to love your jumper, especially in the evening when you have lots of energy to burn before bath time.

You've also gained weight! You and Evans have little colds right now. At the doctor you weighed 15 lbs and 4 oz. You are drinking around 29 ounces of formula each day.


By 7:00 you are usually awake
First Bottle 7 oz
Breakfast around 8:00 (fruit or oatmeal)
9:00 first nap
by 10:30 you are up and ready to play
11:00 second bottle 7 oz
12:00 second nap
by 1:30 or 2:00 you are awake
2:30 bottle 3 - 7 oz
3:30 or 4:00 ready for your last nap
Up by 4:30
play time!
6:00 bath, pjs
6:30 8 oz bottle
by 7:00 BED

You continue to sleep well and through the night. WOOHOO! Happy 5 months "Mae Caroline, made of sunshine"!


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