Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Evans is turning from baby to little girl faster than I could have imagined. Wasn't she just turning 2 and still using mostly baby talk?! She'll be 3 in about 5 months. That's crazy to me. She has changed so much since her birthday.

Both girls LOVE going for strolls around the neighborhood. Evans especially loves the double-stroller now that Mae Caroline is big enough to ride in it with her. 

Evans favorite place to stroll is of course the marina for ice cream and boat watching. IOH Marina is on the intracoastal waterway so we get to see some cool stuff roll through. Daddy likes to boat-window shop. Mommy is just glad to get out of the house! 

It's been hotter than it ever should be, but it does feel nice by the water with a cool breeze. The old oak trees provide plenty of shade, too. However, MC did get a little heat rash on her cheeks the other day. Whoops. 

Evans continues to be my wild child. 

I say that because it's true. There's not a day she isn't just covered in dirt. She plays HARD and is not afraid of much. 

We've been thinking about buying a golf cart, and we borrowed our neighbor's over the weekend. Well, Evans LOVED IT. She called it a race car. :)

It was so nice to take a spin around the island and also drop off Evans at summer camp, etc. Now we all want a golf cart! Of course, I'm not sure summer is the right time to buy one. TBD.

While my parents were in town, Hubs and I took the cart out for a little sunset ride sans kiddos. Nice to get away for a couple minutes every once in a while! 

Plenty of scenery on IOH!

We have a low key 4th planned. Hubs is planning to work on the screened porch (more on that topic another day). I may take the girls over to my aunt's for swimming and such, but other than that we have no big plans. Our kids still have bed times too early to really enjoy any fireworks, etc., so it's easier to just stay in after a day of fun in the sun. 

The end of next week we are headed to Hilton Head for a few days. Hubs is working, and I'll be vacationing :) Cheers to that! 

I haven't read a book all summer. Any recommendations? I mostly read mysteries. I'm not really into romance novels or non-fiction stuff. Just not my thing. 

I was thinking about starting Where They Found Her. Have you read it?

Another weekend is almost upon us. I've been busy getting my business plans together and working on a few other projects around the house. I'm ready for some real down time.... HA who am I kidding. Moms don't get down time! 

It's still a pretty great role to play. 


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