Wednesday, October 28, 2015

23 Weeks

How far along? 23 weeks

Size of baby? a large mango, 12 inches long, over a pound

How I'm changing? Having lots of growing pains lately and can't seem to quite get comfortable. My back is starting to get very sore as are my shoulders. I've got a long road ahead! Short people have it rough! It is funny to look back at pictures when I was pregnant with Evans as compared to this pregnancy with Mae Caroline. MC must be a whopper..... Evans was 8 lbs 2 oz when she was born. I'm predicting MC will be in the upper 8's.

Same shirt below... and about the same size. 33 weeks and 23 weeks. Wow.

23 Weeks with Mae Caroline

33 Weeks with Evans
 Movement? All the time, kind of nervous about that! She's usually kicking in the mornings until around lunch time. She must take a little nap from 11 to 2 or so. Then I usually feel her in the afternoon and again from dinner to bed time.

Nesting? Not as much as I did with Evans. We are still trying to get our house in order as we are constantly living in a construction zone. Still need to get E's old clothes down from the attic, wash them and put them away in the dresser for MC.

Registry items? Obviously we are not doing a registry or a shower with the second girl. We are totally covered as far as clothing, blankets, bottles, baby gear, etc goes. I am thankful I saved everything! The only thing we'll be buying are diapers, wipes, and possibly a new monitor with two cameras so I can keep tabs on both girls.

Best moment of the week? I've been having dreams about the baby lately. What she will look like and be like. Of course all I can picture is another little Evans, but it's still fun to dream about the bean.

For now, I'm enjoying this little family of 3 and soaking up all of my one-on-one Evans time as much as I can. I think she's going to love being a big sis. :)


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