Friday, May 29, 2015

Rental House: Guest Room Updates

Our guest room at the rental house has finally taken on some resemblance of an actual room and not just a storage unit. Hooray! For months, we had the queen sized bed centered right in front of the large bay window in the room, but on a whim I decided to try it against the far wall. I had to lose a nightstand to make it work in this small room, but I really like it. How often do guests use your end table anyways? Sorry mom and dad! We gained much needed floor space and room to walk around (AKA more area for Evans to run and push her baby doll stroller.... which is so important).

I finally got around to washing and making the guest bed in all white bedding from Pottery Barn. I've had the bedding (it's the everyday essential white duvet and euro shams) since we lived in Atlanta and just never did anything with it! In this cottage I think it totally works! Screams beach to me. Living in a rental makes it way more difficult to decorate in my opinion. You can't change fixtures, you can't change paint colors, can't change anything really except for your own furniture and arrangements. So- none of my stuff really worked with this bright blue bedroom, until I gave the white a try. Somehow, it even updates Hubs' old headboard. I had considered painting that headboard a million times, but I love the contrast of the warm wood with the bright white linens. Less work for me- score!

Once the bedding was in place, I realized the room needed a major POP. I love neutral spaces, but I've been wanting to paint a large colorful piece. Most of my clients have wanted something subtle or serene, (except for Sweet Caroline who let me do a super colorful abstract for her!!). To be able to do something really bold was exciting to me. And what else could I do for a cottage bedroom than BOATS!

These are 36x36 and make me oh so happy walking in the front door! I really like that our foyer and front living room is coastal and a bit more neutral, but a look to your right walking in the front door and BAM. Oh happy day! My mom said she loves this room big time, and she's our usual guest... so there you go. Mission accomplished.

I started working on the old desk of ours as well. I painted it with Annie Sloan in paris gray and did a wash of french linen. This desk was my dad's when he was growing up. It's been yellow, white, blue, yellow again, back to white... then when I got it in college I painted it black. It remained black for almost 12 years until now. Keep on truckin', old desk! It's funny to think my dad studied here, I did my homework here, and Evans probably will one day as well. A keepsake for sure!

I kept the drapes we've had forever (from World Market). They are casual and breezy. Plus, I already owned them. Money saved.

I did scoop up a bedskirt. It was time to get rid of the cheap one from Steinmart (that was see-through and falling apart!). This one is Pottery Barn (yay rewards bucks). 

 That's it for updates around the rental casa. Pssst- I'm running a sale in my art shop trying to make way for new paintings! Enter the code "summer" at checkout to receive 15% off your order. There's a few paintings left. Happy summer people! It's finally here!


Kris Jarrett said...

You are crazy talented! The artwork is definitely what makes that room work - love it! Thanks so much for sharing on Best of the Nest!

Prettypracticalhome said...

Hi, Ashley! I'm visiting from Best of the Nest, and I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm an Atlanta girl now living in Dallas, but my sister lives on Whitemarsh Island. Small world, huh? I'm visiting her this weekend so I can get my fill of marsh-y goodness. Your paintings are lovely--I'm a huge fan of abstract landscapes. The guest room is really pretty, and I love the story about your desk. Well done!

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