Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ready for Spring

Lately the weather here in Savannah has been such a tease. A few days in the 70s only to revert quickly back to highs in the 50s. I'm not pleased. Although, I'm definitely not complaining. Could be much worse, like the poor folks up north dealing with blizzards. But then again, that's why I don't live up north. I'm the kind of girl who'd pick 90 degrees and a shade tree and sweet tea over a snow day and hot chocolate everyday of the year. 

I'm longing for warmer weather! I've always loved spring, summer, fall. Never been a fan of winter. I absolutely hate having to bundle up in jackets, gloves, etc. and I hate having to run the heat. Winter is a big downer in my opinion! People are sick, your skin is dry, your hair is flat, your feet are frozen no matter how many socks you have on, and somehow you always have cracked knuckles. I mean really. Who wants that?

Especially when you are surrounded by water that just begs for you to venture out. Hubs has his boat back now that we are closer to water, and he is definitely longing to go fishing. I just want to putter around. Can't really do that comfortably when it's dang cold! Again, I know we aren't anywhere near as "cold" as the rest of the country, but this is why I choose to live in the southeast. 

Heaven on earth. 

Come on spring! 


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