Tuesday, February 10, 2015

14 Months!

I just realized I haven't had a post ALL YEAR. Must be busy, busy keeping up with my wild child. She never sits still until she finally crashes in her crib.

New words include "woah", "wow", "mooooo", "NO MA'AM!" (said with emphasis), "Oh ok", "yeah yeah" "e-i-e-i-ohhh".... as well as the usual "uh-oh", "no no", "mama" and "dada", "hi" and "hey". We also get the occasional "hi dada" or "hi mama".

Her favorite thing to do is explore! Room to room, up and down stairs, outside inside, opening and shutting cabinets, slamming doors, you name it, this girl is into it. We bought her a table and chair set that she sits at for all of her meals now, and she also enjoys coloring here. She's doing pretty well feeding herself and using her utensils. What a big girl she is.

On another note, it's time for mama to get back in the game and go back to work! I've been interviewing and applying to jobs around town. Crazy a full year has gone by. Makes me slightly emotional, but also really excited to get out of the house again! Evans is also at an age where days at home with mom are SUPER boring. She is way too active and looks so forward to her days at school. I'm glad she's become a social little butterfly. Here's to 14 months, little Boot!


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