Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Family Pictures

Months ago, I started planning a family picture session on Bluff Drive for our Christmas card. I contacted two of my favorite photographers, both out of town so I knew I had to give them some sort of notice. Both were busy or booked. So then I turned the search to local photographers. Savannah photographers are expensive! Ones I liked either were booked, didn't do mini sessions, or just weren't in the budget. Ho hum. Then my sweet cousin Ali (thank you, Ali!) volunteered to take our pictures. So, we found our photographer, but the drama wasn't over just yet.

Setting the date. Between my husband constantly on the road for work this time of year, weather, and all of us passing back and forth stomach bugs and colds, penciling in a time for these pictures was proving difficult. We finally decided the Friday before E's first birthday party would be the best time. My parents would be in town and they wanted to be in some of the pictures. Done.

Well, don't you know, it had been in the 70's and sunny for two weeks straight here in Savannah. Gorgeous skies, perfect picture taking scenario. The date we finally agreed on? High of 60 and FOGGY all day. HA. Best made plans, right? We made the best of it and dressed in grays and creams to match the surroundings.

We decided to drive the short distance down to the bluff so that my parents wouldn't have to walk (mom in heels) and my husband could get finished quickly since he was working. When we got down to the water, Hubs' phone went off, big sales call he'd been waiting on for days. Of course. So that wasn't stressful at all. We then realize Evans' cute boots she was wearing are now missing. Well, she's got one on her foot, but one is gone. Back to the house Hubs went. Time ticking by as we waited on him to return.... A good 10 minutes pass. I said 'watch he'll come back with the purple shoes instead of different shoes that would match'.... He does come back, but without the matching gray boot, and without any other shoes. I said, "you didn't bring ANY shoes?" To that he responded, "what was I supposed to do, bring purple shoes?" Suddenly purple shoes didn't seem as bad as bare feet. All the while, Evans is getting pretty mad that she can't get down and run around. She's over the pictures before we snapped the first one.

Two minutes later, my dad finds the missing boot in the car. It was there all along. Who's in the mood to smile now? Cheese! I laughed and said our cards would have to read "Ugh. Merry freakin' Christmas." Ha. The shoe fiasco was a moot point in the end because the boots wouldn't even stay on E's feet, and half of these she's just wearing her socks. Again, the best made plans...

As we were taking pictures, we saw my Uncle Steve go by in his crabbing boat... he's in the background here! 

Despite all of that, I love the way these turned out. And I'm happy to report, Hubs landed that sales deal. Everything worked out in the end, and Ali saved Christmas... or at least the cards.


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Oh, my, Ashley she has gotten so big and cute! Look at those eyes. Goodness they grow way too quickly. Great photos and Merry Christmas to you! You will have so much fun with her this year.

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