Thursday, December 4, 2014

Clutter Furnishings & Interiors

When we moved from Atlanta to Savannah, I thought surely I was going to miss all the wonderful home dec shopping the big city provided. There were so many antique shops, furniture outlets, and big retail stores you could stay busy for weeks just browsing through them all. I do miss it. I have to say, though, Savannah has its own magic. One place in particular is Clutter Furnishings & Interiors. If you are local or just passing through, you have GOT to check out their show room. They actually just moved to a larger space, so that means even MORE wonderfulness to stumble through. Clutter  was started by a mother-daughter team with years of experience in the home furnishings and interior design field. I mean, their design projects are pretty dreamy and definitely Pin-worthy. One of my favorites- Lynn's house, see it over at You're Welcome Savannah. 

They have quickly become one of my favorite feeds on Instagram. Seems they always have something new to show us and it is all so different and unique.

I am definitely going to be using their services when we buy our own house down here! Go see them today, or browse their in store furniture online. Drooling may ensue. 


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