Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Life lately has been crazier than I expected. Evans is on the GO GO GO nonstop now, and I find it hard to keep up! Thank goodness for her school play days, otherwise I know she would be incredibly bored at home with me. I'm just not as interesting as 8-10 other 1 year olds. :) 

She's into her books, her shoes, her diapers, my magazines, Daddy's work stuff, empty boxes, or just whatever happens to be in her path. Things only keep her attention for about 3 seconds before she's on to the next attraction. Recently she discovered the door knobs and how they get those big doors open. Oh me. Time for some major child-proofing.

After what has felt like a good month of sickness, our whole family is finally well. It probably won't last long, but for now we are a sniffle-free group. Hooray! I love this time of year, but hate it for all of the germs and colds. 

Can't believe tomorrow is THANKSGIVING! I am sooooo ready to be with our crazy fam. It's been TWO YEARS since I've gotten to join in on the fun, and I am so looking forward to being back to normal this year. Thanksgiving is a big deal on my mom's side. The whole gang gets together- all 60 plus of us. I have lost count. With all these babies being born and babies on the way, who can keep up? I can at least keep up with the turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, and chocolate cake in store for me. 

It's been raining NONSTOP in Savannah lately. Happy to see sunshine over the water this afternoon. Rain is a real bummer! I also know why stay-at-home moms dislike gray skies. Talk about cabin fever...Makes everybody crazy.

I finished up two HUGE panel commissions today. These guys are so big I had to work off the floor with them! Insane. Can't wait to see how they look in the client's space! 

Alright, have a GREAT holiday everyone! Eat, drink, and be thankful! God bless you and yours. 


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