Thursday, November 13, 2014

11 Months

What a fun month we have had. Evans is turning into the sweetest and busiest little girl I have ever seen. Her personality is really shining now. She is very opinionated and will let you know exactly what she's thinking. She loves to explore everything around her. She started WALKING at 10.5 months, and now she's really getting around good!! It is amazing to me how quickly they change and grow. At her well-visit a few weeks ago, she was 20.4 lbs (55th %) and 30.25" (98th %)! Still my long string bean! She now has 4 teeth and is working on two more. This month she switched to all table food (no more buying baby food!! Woohoo!) and I packed up all of her bottles. She's been taking a sippy cup well since she was about 6 months old, and with her getting so many calories from real food I completely dropped her before bed bottle. She goes down right after her bath no problems. She is still the best sleeper in the world and for that I am so thankful (after her rough beginning especially). She takes two naps a day still and sleeps 7pm-7:30am (some days later, just depends). I started introducing some whole milk this week to gradually ween her off formula. I figure she gets milk in the table foods I feed her anyways, so it shouldn't be a problem. So far so good! 

She is a great eater and will eat anything I put down in front of her. This week she had grilled squash and zucchini and part of a hamburger. Could be a new favorite.... Like mother like daughter. Girl loves to eat! 

We celebrated her first Halloween. She dressed as a pirate. Arg!

We celebrated two birthdays! My birthday and Hubs' are just a week apart. Can't believe in a month we will be celebrating E's!

Did I mention she is busy? The house pretty much always looks like this, and I am trying my best to accept that. It's hard, but I am learning! Thank goodness she gets to play at daycare 3 days a week. She LOVES daycare, which is a big stress relief for me. Everyday I drop her off she is so freaking exciting. Kicking her feet and waving her hands excited. It's so cute. The teachers think she is hilarious. She is being promoted next week to the "creepers" class with the 1-2 year olds. I know she will have a blast!

Eating some peas and cheesing it up :) 

Poor girl is so tall already her legs are getting squished. I can't believe we are meant to leave her rear facing another YEAR???! How will she fit? 

Giggles with Daddy 

11 months and full of life. I love this girl big time! 


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Absolutely adorable!!

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