Monday, September 22, 2014

Skidaway Aquarium & State Park

We had a fun weekend exploring Skidaway Island. Saturday was pretty rainy, so we took Evans out to the saltwater aquarium. She loved looking at all the fish. The rain let up for a bit, and we went out to the nature trails just outside the aquarium. We didn't get to go far because it did start raining again, but we will head back soon. It was beautiful! Perfect spot for a picnic. 

On Sunday, the weather here was gorgeous. We decided to check out Skidaway Island State Park. They have several trails, camp sites and playgrounds. We went on the Sandpiper and Avian trails. It was really neat to be able to walk through the marsh. 

It was low tide when we went, but I am sure it's even more beautiful during high tide. We saw crabs, birds, and a baby shark. No gators. 
Evans loves to be outside, and she really enjoyed the 2 mile stroll. 
We plan to camp here when she is older. There were several families out biking and hiking. It's definitely a popular place. We took packed lunches and enjoyed a picnic under a live oak and the sights and sounds around us. A great way to spend a Sunday! 


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