Monday, September 29, 2014

Master Renovation Continued

I've been posting on the master bathroom renovation at my parents' house lately, but it really entails the entire master suite. Including the walkin closet which is being redone and customized. Actually, a picture I posted last week of the "vanity" area was actually a picture of one of the closet built ins. Oops! Being in Savannah and my parents in SC, it's been a slight challenge to help my dad with design via vague texts. ;) Miscommunication- check. 

So here's the closet so far. Wall-to-wall storage, shelves, and track lighting. I wish this were mine. Imagine a mirror on the wall in the center, lowered part of the cabinets, sort of leaning. Uh huh. Hubba.

And here is the bathroom vanity. Ok, the vanity height is higher than usual counter height like I said last week, but it isn't varying heights. 

The sinks are installed now. They are undermount rectangular. Purdy. And here's a closeup of the lights. 

And a little preview of the newly painted wardrobe for the bedroom...

It's slow progress, but it's moving! Dad is in the process of building the vanity cabinet fronts now. Then to paint cabinets and walls, hang mirrors and lights, install faucets, install crown, tile the bathroom floor, grout, install the closet and bedroom hardwoods... And then finally, finally install the fun stuff- bedding, furniture, etc. Can't wait!


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