Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Master Reno: Hardware

Yesterday, I flipped through builder supply books and picked out hardware for the master bath vanity and closet built ins. So much to choose from, great day. 

For the closet, we opted for long 12" pulls for the large drawers. 

Possibly these flat knobs for the smaller and middle drawers. 

In the bathroom, I chose these classic chrome pieces. The pulls are just over 5" wide and will go on the large cabinet doors. The chrome knobs will go on the top vanity drawers. 

A very quick sketch 

I also picked out legs for the vanity and closet built ins. Hopefully it will all end up looking like pretty furniture pieces! 

Homegoods shopping today. Someone's gotta do it ;)


Sweet Caroline said...

Come do my bathroom next!

Life is Sweet : The McClain Family said...

Love it!!! I've got to think about hardware too next. So many decision!!! AAAAH. You're so good at it.

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