Friday, September 12, 2014

9 Months

Nine months old! This has definitely been my favorite month of Evans. Hands down. She is so sweet and silly these days and really interacts now. Fussing is at a minimum and she still sleeps great. Her naps have lengthened since moving to Savannah. She is just an all around content and happy girl now. Hooray! 

It's been a big month. Evans was packed up and moved to Savannah. She's adjusted just fine and I think she loves it here. It's sad she won't even remember her first house! 

She spent lots of time with grandparents as they helped us move. Here she is lunching with Gigi. 

She's also had lots of cousin play dates now that we are just around the corner! She loooooves Cooper and Jackson and they are so good with her, always kissing her cheeks and giving her hugs. For rough and tumble boys, they sure are sweet to E! 

Aunt Paula, Aunt Cindy and Meemaw loving on her 

More cousin play dates, E was napping but here's a wild bunch- Cooper, Jackson, Joshua Matthew, Watts and Addison. 

Evans and Addison 

Addison and Jackson showing E how to walk. Too cute. 

And play time with Aunt Judy, cousin Megan and cousin Annie.  Annie was singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and Evans was really studying her. Ha. 

Everyday we stroll down the street to the water. This girl loves her new neighborhood (and so do I!)

She's so busy. Always climbing on things, pulling up, crawling over and under, constantly on the go. She took her first two steps last Wednesday, September 3rd. She was playing at her Leap Frog stand and decided to let go... Step, step, and immediately sat down and smiled big! I was stunned! She hasn't done it since, but she's always trying. 

She's around 20lbs now and is 28 3/4". She's wearing mostly 12mos and 12-18 mos. Her pjs are now 18mos. Crazy how fast they grow out of clothing. 

She loves the outdoors, her toys, and her "Mama" and "Dada". She can say "mama", "mmmmmom" and "dada dada". She's blabbering up a storm, but those are the only words right now. She usually says mama when she is fussing and wanting me to pick her up. Go figure :) 

We tried on this giraffe costume that was Cooper and Jackson's. Can you believe fall is almost here? I hear trick-or-treating is big on Isle of Hope. We best stock up in candy! 

E can't have candy, but she sure loves her food and feeding herself. My big girl. 

Her schedule hasn't changed too much. She's up between 7-8:00. Has a 5oz bottle, breakfast an hour later (usually oatmeal and fruit), and takes a 1.5-2 hour morning nap. Then she has lunch (a veggie or fruit, sometimes yogurt), is up about 3 hours before her afternoon nap. She gets a snack (cheese, yogurt, or other finger foods) after nap 2, dinner between 5-6:00 (meat, veggie, fruit). Bath time, 5 oz bottle and bedtime around 7-7:30. 

This month Evans wants to share with everyone her favorite book "Leo the Brave" about her friend, Leo! Leo's mommy and I are long time friends. Their story is truly inspiring and amazing. Please take a minute to read Meredith's words here:

Profits from the book sale go to the organization Cure SMA. You can order the iPad version here:

and PDF or print version here:

Evans says she hopes your kids love it! We love you, Leo. 


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