Thursday, January 9, 2014

Four Weeks

Little bit is a month old! In some ways, it feels like yesterday we were at the hospital. Others, it feels like we've had her forever. 

I'm loving her many faces these days. Sleepy...



Blakely love... 

Blakely likes to kiss E's feet and tries to eat diapers. Silly doggy. 

Falling asleep... Speaking of sleep, she still only likes her swing and bouncy seat, or my lap. No crib for this girl yet. 

She got her first bath this week and liked it! Her face was a little shocked at first, but she was so calm and relaxed. I love a clean baby! 

One month old, crazy crazy 4 weeks. At the ped today she weighed 9 lbs 14oz. Chunky butt. Not surprising considering how much she eats. 

We are staying well fed, too. We've had lots of visitors over the past few weeks and lots of meals brought over to the house. It's been awesome! I think we are eating better now than we usually do. :) Spaghetti, ziti, jambalaya, chicken and mushrooms, BBQ mac and cheese, meatloaf... The list goes on. Yum. 

At the 4 week mark, I decided it was time for me to get out of the house alone without baby. My first trip was to Kroger and Homegoods. By the time I got back, Hubs looked a bit frazzled. E was hungry, and Hubs was out of daddy tricks. I think they were both glad to see me home.

We love this girl more every single day. I feel so incredibly blessed to be her mom. I can't even tell you. 


Sweet Caroline said...

She is without a doubt your mini me!!! Hope all is well:)

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