Monday, December 2, 2013

A Whole New Floor

I feel like Jasmine this morning- a whoooole neeeeew floooor, a dazzling space I never knew! Over the weekend, Hubs and my dad worked in the basement and finished the flooring! I am so proud of their hard work. Here's what the room was before... These pictures are actually after the carpet was ripped out. You can see the red carpet pad in the background though. The carpet was not in great shape, so up it came. We weren't lucky enough to have solid smooth concrete flooring underneath it that could be acid stained. Instead, we found this glorious white tile circa 1980 something. I think the last time it looked good, Pat Benatar had a #1 hit. In her defense, this room did resemble a battlefield. 

We basically used it as a "storage" room for 2 years. Aka throw whatever randomness down in the basement. There were times you couldn't easily walk from one end to another due to junk. It's baffling to me how Hubs and I shared a 1 bedroom condo in the city before buying a house in the 'burbs. Oh, those were the days, though. Livin' on love...

Once all the debris was cleared out, the men got to work. This was Friday around 10:30 am. Laying the first few rows.... I was deliriously happy and praying the baby wouldn't come until they finished, haha. She continues to cooperate, jokes on me. :)

This was around noon or so, I went down to tell them lunch was ready. I couldn't believe how fast it was going! They (Hubs' knees) probably disagree. 


And this was later that afternoon. They were finally working their way to the last corner.  I know they were exhausted. But dang they did an awesome job! 

The work was finished up around 6 that night. Hubs says "Victory!"

A quick reminder of where it started...

And voila... Cleaned up and ready for furniture. It's unbelievable how different this room looks just with new flooring. 

I am in love! 

We managed to get the furniture in place on Saturday, and started on the sports gallery wall. I've got a few finishing details and styling to do yet. Hubs made me promise no "fru-fru", but I somehow snuck in a few toss pillows. I'm thrilled that Hubs finally has a place to call his. Although, I'm certain this room will house Barbie dolls at some point..... ;)

Still to do: 

Paint doors
Install new bathroom vanity
Remove bathroom wallpaper 
Paint bathroom
Replace locks
6x9 rug for game area
Game table/chairs 
Styling/finishing details 


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