Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Window Shopping

Thank you so much for the sweet comments on our little one's nursery yesterday on House of Turquoise and here on my blog! And thank you to all the new followers. :)

So, my doctor advised that I walk to get things moving towards labor. I've had a lot of cramps and stronger Braxton Hicks for a week now, but nothing to write home or rush to labor & delivery over. So, walking it is. For me, that's a prescription I fill with shopping... Even if it's just the window variety. 

I often complain about traffic in this city and lack of outdoorsy stuff to do (I'm still a lake and ocean lovin' SC gal through and through), but honestly I don't know what I'd do if we ever moved. I've gotten so spoiled with Atlanta shopping, I'm not sure there's any going back. I mean really, 3 Pottery Barns (plus an outlet), West Elm, Crate & Barrel, 2 Ballard outlets, Frontgate (plus an outlet!), Restoration Hardware (plus an outlet!), several World Markets, several Homegoods/Stein Marts/Marshall's.... You get it. We are spoiled. 

It totally comes in handy when you are miserably 38 weeks huge, err I mean pregnant, and told to walk it out- literally. At the least, I can look at pretty things as I do so??

A recent trip to Homegoods.. I should note the minute I walked in, HG guy comments to me "You are pregnant!". Yes, thank you for the announcement... Men. ;) I only wish I'd responded with "it's just a bee sting". 

Check out the wingback ghost chair! I could never own one due to my slobbering pooch Blakely bear, but dang this one is cool. 

Super cute kid chairs... I've noticed HG is carrying more and more kid stuff lately. Look at that cup holder, spoiled rotten.

Basket love. Can you ever have enough baskets? 

Love this wire and wicker basket... Basement? 

Black and silver oversized lamps and linen shades

Sheesh, how I walked away I don't know. Oversized (seriously these were huge) hammered brass and linen shades. I'd pair these with some black & white goodness. 

Clearance Ralph Lauren beauties... Clearance I said! $70/each I think. Not bad for RL.

Lots of these, several colors.

Ikat and nail head bench

Cute grain sack foot stools

This box almost came home with me. Will power.

And, onto Marshall's. 

Tufted gray bar stools.. Too bad I have no bar. 

Faux fur tree skirts under $30. Can't you see this gray one with white feathers and silver and gold balls? 

Ladies, feast your eyes upon the kingdom of magnifying glasses. Holy cow. These all need a good home.

Always a sucker for black and white

And finally, Kirklands. 

I love the topiaries, but dang why do they keep them so high out of reach? That's not buyer friendly, Kirklands. 

I like these simple glass lamps... Basement??

And that's a wrap. All that walking, still no baby. Two weeks to due date. To be continued...


René said...

So many great finds! I would be climbing the shelves for the topiaries :). Congrats on the HOT feature!

Things That Inspire said...

I always love a little virtual shopping!

But, what stopped me in my tracks is the thought of a RH outlet in Atlanta. I don't know about this! Where?

Julie said...

We've walked with Lauren on all three babies. With Addison, it was the hospital halls, with Houston it was the White Flint M
all and with Emily Ruth, it was the neighborhood. We even saw them change the window displays!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Gosh, I need to check out my Marshall's. I collect magnifying glasses.

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