Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fun Around Atlanta

I love this time of year. I know people get all in a hissy when Thanksgiving is skipped over and people start talking Christmas, but come on. Christmas rocks. My trees aren't up, but they might go up early (before the gobble gobble) since I'm about to pop at 37 weeks. I may have already tuned into Christmas Radio on Pandora a time or two. Don't hate! There are some really fun things happening around town that I'd be taking part in if I weren't so miserably large and uncomfortably pregnant.

The Radio City Rockettes are back! I saw them a few years ago at The Fox and it was awesome. So much incredible talent, and definitely gets you in the spirit!

Queen of Hearts Antiques is having a holiday open house today and tomorrow. This is one of my favorite places to dig for treasure. There are a few around town, but the Alpharetta location is my go to. 

And finally, Ballard Design is hosting a book signing that I just might have to drag my pregnant self to. Um, hello. You can meet Suzanne Kasler and get a book signed, too. Plus 15% off THE STORE. How could I miss it??

What do you love about this time of year? Anything fun happening around your city?


Life is Sweet : The McClain Family said...

Ashley, I took my friends to the Ballard Outlet on Defoor Avenue on Monday before we went to Mart. I loved the actual "store" set up and we found a few good "outlet prices", but then we drove the 25 minutes to the Roswell location and loaded up even more! Addicted? Um, yes. Please go to the book signing so you can tell us all about it :) How fun!

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