Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This weekend we were lazy around the house with pup, our first born. I love snuggle time with her because it's so rare. She's almost 2 and still all puppy.

We also started framing Hubs' sports stuff for the basement. I'm so excited to put together a gallery wall I can hardly stand it!

Saturday we also got around to ordering flooring for the basement. I thought this picture was pretty hilarious... I'm sure this is after the price rung up. :)

Yesterday, I turned 30. Wow. Hubs spoiled me good with these earrings. I have been in love with these for 5 years, I can't believe he even remembered them. We looked at them for fun back before we were even engaged, and I never thought I'd get to wear them for real and call them my own. He gave them to me yesterday and said I could pass them down to our daughter to wear on her wedding day. Oh yea, I cried! 

I worked a half day yesterday, and then did some window shopping. What birthday is complete without a trip to Pottery  Barn?

I also went hunting a media cabinet for the basement. I saw this number at HomeGoods, but it seemed too fun and not manly enough. Hubs said it is too trendy for him, so moving on...

My main requirements are that it have drawers and shelves, holes in the back specifically for media wires, and that it must be at least 59" long. After lots of browsing online and in tons of stores around town, I think we are sold on this one from World Market. Doesn't hurt that furniture is 25% off right now either. 

Last night, Hubs grilled burgers and steak fries at my request. He even got me my favorite- cookie cake. I'm sure the cake ladies got a kick out of the message.... only my husband. 

It was a great and relaxing birthday. Just what I wanted being 36 weeks pregnant and all. Nothing sounded better than my pjs and the couch! And I'm almost over the depression of turning 30. Almost.



Happy 30th! Those earrings are gorgeous...looks like the hubby is a good man.

Andrea said...

What beautiful earrings, and such a touching story!! What a sweet, sweet husband!

The Glam Pad

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