Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Gingham Owl

I've been waiting to finish out the little gallery wall in the nursery until I knew exactly what I wanted to frame. I have two frames that have been hanging empty for a while now. I contemplated taking pictures of Blakely, or framing a letter, along with several hundred other ideas that popped in and out of my head along the way. As cute as Blakely girl is, a photographer I am not. So, I decided maybe I'd look on Etsy and continue out the dreamlike fairytale theme already going on. I'd already had so much luck with the first three prints I found, surely I could find two more. 

And then I found this shop: The Gingham Owl. Unbelievably cute stuff, y'all. I am having a hard time really deciding which of her gorgeous and whimsical photographs I want. I mean really, look how cute these are....

I think I'm leaning towards the two of these to finish out the gallery. I love the dragonfly since the mobile is also dragonfly, and the balloons are the perfect colors, just too sweet to pass on. 

Go check out the shop, she has more than just nursery art. If you love Nashville, she's got several photographs of the city. 

I swear, the talent on Etsy is ridiculous. Support it! 


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