Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Installed Sconces & Cord Covers

 Baby girl's sconces are now installed! I don't know why I put off finishing this project, but what do you do. A few months ago now I guess, I ordered sconces from Lamps Plus. I went with the Wakefield Daisies Ivory Plug-ins for a few reasons. First, because they are affordable (under $100). Second, they are feminine. Third, they are plug-in, so hassle free/easy install/no electrician required. And finally, the size was just right. Small enough to not overpower, but big enough not to get lost. (Let's be honest though, the most important factor was the price). I wanted to change them up a bit though. They are cute as can be, but the all ivory seemed a little too blah in the space.

So, I spray painted them white and recovered the shades. I used leftover Waverly fabric from the crib skirt and pillows I made. Once I hung them, I had to do something about those pesky cords. 

I found some inexpensive white cord covers on Amazon, and they were just the ticket. Cord covers can really make a difference, I'm a believer! These were so easy to install, too (2 screws, that's it). 

And now the changing table is pretty much complete... well except for an actual changing pad... but we'll get there in due time. Well, hopefully by due-date time anyways. I haven't put away the dresses yet because they are so fun to look at. The sweet little pink one was my niece Emily Ruth's dress. It's hard to believe she was ever so tiny. 

I just love the little flower and bead details on the sconces. Perfect for my little girl! :)

One more to-do off my list. 

Still to do:

hang sconces and cord covers
finish gallery wall
small end table... we got one! more on that later
patch holes
finish baking baby...2/3rds done


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