Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We had the best loooooong weekend! I'm having a hard time snapping back into the groove today. I'm sure everyone feels the same way. My parents and in-laws came in town to spend time with us this weekend and we all had a blast together. 

This little stinker returned home... Blakely boo is baaaaaaaack! 

Mom and I went to, where else, Pottery Barn on Saturday. She wanted a wine holder thingy and I wanted to check out the Cameron sofa. We're considering another couch for our house, and this is the one I'm eyeing. Just not in white, of course. Can you imagine Blakely and white furniture, HA. That's laughable. 

By the time we left, mom had two huge bags full. Girl after my own heart. Unfortunately, none of that loot was for me. Ha.

Saturday I decided to support the Tigers root against Georgia and wore the closest thing I have to orange- aka a pink and coral necklace. "Goooooooo Georgia Bulldoooooogs", HA. Not hearing that among my silenced co-workers today....

My mother-in-law brought me a huge box full of baby clothes that were my niece's, and also brought her cradle. So exciting!

As usual, we ate way too much all weekend and I regret none of it. Hubs grilled up some ribs again, and he's really perfecting the method at this point. YUM.

I always get house projects done when my dad is in town! He is such a huge help to Hubs in getting things done. I finally got my door knocker replaced... love, love, love my new brass key knocker!

And they replaced the old ceiling fans that were loud and obnoxious with newer ones. Now, I know fans are a total design taboo. But, I live in Atlanta and would die of sweat and heat exhaustion if I replaced fans with chandeliers. That just aint ever happening in the Houston House.

But, you can see they did need an update.... here's the 1980's special we took down in the bedroom. Sayonara. 

Monday, my mom and my mother-in-law took me maternity clothes shopping. It was time, people. I had stretched my normal clothes to the absolute limit. I had zero pants or shorts that fit me anymore, and about 5 dresses I could really squeeze into for work and leisure. They were such good shoppers and styled me up! I'm so grateful :)

And finally.... The painters are almost finished at our house. I was thrilled to see our back porch looking so nice and clean with the fresh coat of paint on the walls, ceiling, and trim. Can you even imagine how eager I am now to get outdoor furniture? Ready for my outdoor living room! 

They are coming back today to finish up a few things. We are getting new screens on the back porch.

They've got to install our newly painted gutters.

And scrape paint off and clean up the windows.

 Here's a reminder of where we started... icky old white masonite that was basically falling/peeling off in places. Ick! 

We couldn't be happier with the color choice and the work John Temmel has done so far. Thrilled is probably the word!

Hope everyone's Labor Day was great. Back to life, back to reality....


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