Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gauntlet Gray Siding

So... the siding and painting work is finally finished! AHH!!! We love, love, love our new house. As far as recommendations go, I would recommend John Temmel The Siding Guy to any of you locals. In the beginning we got a little off schedule with the rain delays, etc., but in the end they went above and beyond for us and we couldn't be happier. 

Here's a look at the before. It's hard to tell, but the siding was in such horrible shape, and the bay windows were cracked and peeling. But, you can see the black fence my hubby stained a few months ago. He did a good job. :)

This picture probably shows the condition the siding was in a little better. This is from day one when they had just started ripping off the masonite. 

And here she is complete! I love how the gray lets you really see the pops of white trim. 

And the new bay windows are done, too. It's funny how our shutters look a little bit navy in this picture due to the sunlight, but I promise they are black as midnight.

And the other bay window completed...

Here's the back of the house before. I wish I had snapped some of when it was all white, but of course I didn't.

Here it is now in Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray.

And the new porch is so clean, minus our dirty ceiling fan. I thought if I posted a picture of the fan Hubs would get around to cleaning it... This is the result of grilling on your porch... a dirty fan. I told him he can't use it as a grilling shed anymore now that it's so clean. Ha.

I think it has potential and I love how new it feels now! 

I'm picturing a sofa, coffee table, two chairs, and a chaise. Now, where's that money tree?

Fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and beams

Even our skylights are clean. Hallelujah!

And the other side....

Do you love all the hay on the ground? Ha. That's thanks to Blakely and her new dog house my dad built. It's lined it with hay for her, and she immediately threw it all over the yard like a chew toy. She's a crazy pup. Hubs plans to paint her house the same gray as ours and put gray shingles on the roof. Blakely is spoiled rotten. 

And that's it! Siding down! We are still waiting on the screens on the porch to be replaced. Praying that in the meantime it doesn't get all gross and buggy.....


Life is Sweet : The McClain Family said...

Your house is gorgeous!!!!! That really is the perfect grey. I'm going to have to pin this for the color of our future house. Love. love. love!!

Andrea said...

Your house looks beautiful!! I looooove the combination of the gray siding and white/black trim - so fresh and crisp. It looks great!!

Allyson Ripple said...

Your house looks great, Ashley. I always thought color gray would make a house looks dull, but I think otherwise upon seeing this. It's very modern looking and I don't know if you notice, but you have created two different characters with your home. At front, it looks very traditional, but when you look at the back, this is definitely where the party starts. Allyson Ripple @

Paige said...

what is your trim color? thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

I know this is an old post, but I love your choices and am wondering if you could tell me your trim color, and the width of the reveal/exposure on your siding. Thanks so much!

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